The Perfect Location

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

I am obsessed with a romantic locations that give off all the pretty vibes. I want statement backgrounds! Places that take your breathe away. Spots that make clients say 'wow!"  But they are so hard to find! Sometimes I will search on google or yelp, for hours, just looking up parks, hikes, and gardens in hopes that I find some undiscovered location that no other photographer has found. I write down where the location is, what kind of landscape it has, is it an area with variety, do they require permits? So many things go into picking the perfect spot.

And once I think I found one, I have to go see it.

So I plan a shoot, and I drive, often times with either my second shooter Katie, or my go-to model and makeup artist Brittney Bee.

I pick the model(s), the outfit, the styling and make sure they are ok with adventure, because these shoots almost always require exploration and a fun spirit. Once there, we walk. A lot. And we drive, a lot. We search and examine every inch of the landscape. I take in the moment, and let the creative process work it's magic. I let my mind wander, and take my time with the models as I breathe in the landscape and think of new poses and creative compositions.

And you know what?

They always turn out magical.  

People always talk about travel, and seeing the world, but I am obsessed with seeing what's right in front of me. I want to explore and find beautiful places right here in my home state. I want my photo sessions to be an adventure. So, I am happy to drive hours if it means photographing a client in an awe-inspiring location. There is so much beauty to see in this world, so why not start with your own backyard?

Beautiful model couple: Celeste Filadelfia and Ben Alencar




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