Serendipity Gardens - One of My Favorite Southern California Wedding Venues

Updated: Mar 12

I had been looking forward to Jessica and Garry's wedding from the moment the inquiry showed up in my texts.

"I was wondering if you happened to be free, and would be interested in being our wedding photographer. We loved our engagement shoot and know you'd do a great job!"

Of course, I was in.

But when they shared what venue they decided to go with, I think I let out an actual scream of excited.

Serendipity Gardens in Oak Glen.

A venue on my bucket list. A venue that I had actually been eyeballing for my own wedding just a few years earlier. It became the wedding I was most looking forward to photographing.

And it did not disappoint . The love between these two was enough to make your heart melt.

And to top everything else off, every detail about their wedding was breath taking. There color palette was a beautiful blend of grey and a dusty rose. Her sister had gifted her a bottle of Gucci perfume, so that in years to come, when she used it, the sweet scent would take her back to the joy of her wedding day. Before the ceremony, Jessica's friends and family surrounded her, and prayed for the new journey she was about to embark on.

As Garry saw his soon to be wife walk down the isle tears filled his eyes. Their vows were filled with so much passion and tenderness that I could feel my own eyes tearing up. "You are my home, and I love you always" She says to him. A simple statement, but one that hit me right in the feels.

After the ceremony, the bridal party was ready to party! And so were everyone else! Drinks were had, the night was filled with dancing and laughter, but most importantly, memories that would last a lifetime were made.

Jessica and Garry, you two have a love worthy of a fairytale, and I pray blessing upon blessings for years to come! ⠀⠀ Photography @daniraedunn_photos makeup @thebeautypair Hair @beauty_by_britney___ Venue @serendipity_weddings Video @rorafilmco Jacket @bashcalligraphy Decorating @theolivinecollective DJ @musicalphunktions Florals @flowersbymaemae ⠀⠀

dusty pink wedding bouquet at serendipity gardens


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