Picking Your Wedding Vendors!

Planning a wedding is stressful.

Let's just get that out of the way now.

So often we get these unrealistic expectations of what wedding planning is going to be, (thanks Hallmark). Then, reality sets in, and we get so disappointed and frustrated when things don't go how we thought. It can be so overwhelming to try and find the caterer, the florist, the videographer, the list goes on!

There are so many options! How do you pick?

That's why I personally pride myself on being more than just a wedding photographer, I do my best to help with the planning process. I always offer more than just my job description, and a part of that is sending my clients a list of preferred vendors that I know will get the job done. Not only does this narrow down their search, but it gives my couples some relief to know that I have already worked with these amazing people. They can rest assured that I am referring them to trustworthy and talented creatives.

And me... well it makes my job easier too! Here's why.

Knowing who I am working with the day of a wedding is huge! I know how to work around these people. I understand them. If we run into problems during the day, I know I can communicate with them easily so we can work effectively without conflict. A wedding day is all about relationships, and that can be said about your vendors as well. The last thing you want on your wedding day is clashing personalities fighting over time, space, and shots.

So my advise to couples stressed and overwhelmed about picking their vendors is pretty simple...

Ask the people you already have booked who they recommend! Then start calling those vendors to make sure you vibe with them. Setup some coffee dates and start asking questions, because chemistry between you and your vendors is also a major priority when choosing! I always try to give my couples multiple options.

With that Being said! Here are some amazing vendors I highly recommend, who helped me put together this amazing boho wedding styled shoot!

Click On Their Name to See More of Their Work!

Photography @daniraedunn_photos

Planning and Styling @daniraedunn_photos

Custom Wedding Gown @tonybridal

Suit @hm

Wedding Makeup @brittneykmorrison

Wedding Hair @beauty_by_britney___

Venue @emeraldpeakvenue

Calligraphy @chelseaslettering

Florals @_helens.creations_

Models @bretlyn.schmitt and @nlazaris

Assistants @awwitsdaniela and @chelseaslettering


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