K A T H L E E N and D E R E K

When I see these images, it brings me so much joy.

I see beautiful scenery that I die for, a lovely couple wearing an outfit that really shows off my romantic style, with colors and tones that make me melt.

I see an editing style that took years of hard work to achieve, and I see photos that are finally paying off. When I see these images, I see a style that I am really proud of and can call my own.

For the longest time I struggled with figuring out what I wanted my work to look like. In a career where there's talent around envy corner, how was I supposed to stand out? How was I supposed to figure out what I wanted my work to look like? What did I want it to say, what vibe did I want to portray to people? How was I going to stand out from everyone else who’s work looked like mine? It was something that kept me up at night. I would just pray to God that I would find myself and not compare my work to others. And Honestly, it took about 3 years to perfect. I went through so many style changes over the years. I had to build up my confidence, know that my ideas could be great, and stick to my guns and what I love, not what everyone else was doing. That's why I love shoots like this, because it reminds me of what I am capable of.

Having a creative mind is odd sometimes. It’s the weirdest thing to be able to see an image before it even exists. I can see the image, but I still have to find the location, scout out the couple, find the perfect outfit, and then I can finally shoot and give it life.

My goal for this year is to brand myself in a way that looks more like this.

More adventurous clients. More beautiful scenery. More real life fairytales.

Makeup by: https://www.instagram.com/brittney___bee/

Hair by: https://www.instagram.com/merinasglam/

Photography by: https://www.pinterest.com/danirae_dunn/

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