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Updated: Mar 15, 2018

There are few things in life that are considered life altering.

For me, I can think of three.

One, was becoming a Christian.

Two, was finding the love of my life.

And three, figuring out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Out of the three, one of them was a no brainer. I was going to be a photographer. I knew that from age 11.

See, photography is not just something I enjoy doing, I need to do it, it's a part of who I am.

It's something my soul craves.

And nothing makes my heart happier, than collaborating with fellow artist, and creating art together.

Because art is not just a thing, but a way. It is exposing a part of your heart to the world. It's not something we do, but something we are.

When creating with other creatives, they understand the craving to create.

And nothing is more satisfying than having your vision come to life using their help.

But, that's enough rambling, I'm not so good with words. I'll let my photos do the talking.

Shoutout to my fellow artists who helped me create these stunning images, and check out their own forms of art by clicking their names below.

Models: Octavia Bennett and Brittney Morrison

Makeup by: Brittney Morrison

So that's it!

I'll be posting a lot more.

Check out my Instagram: daniraedunn_photos


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