If I’m being honest, 90% of the time I’m just capturing natural moments between my clients with very minimal guidance. And If I'm being honest again... photoshoots are not natural... like at all (except for a few rare breeds of human).

Now, that sounds like an oxymoron, but let me explain.

Forcing couples into certain poses can feel... well forced. Which is why I don't pose as much as guide. I give a "hold each her close" or a "move in slow for a kiss" and that's when the magic happens.

They touch, they gaze, maybe they laugh, but either way, my direction causes a natural reaction.

The magic is their genuine connection. No couple is the same, each one takes my direction differently, but the result is always special. Figuring out the vibe of a couple, early on in the shoot, is important. One couple might feel awkward and laugh when moving in for a kiss, while another couple (told to do the same thing) might be straight out of the notebook and be marvelously romantic. Both, create an amazing image, unique to that couple.

I always want to make my clients feel comfortable, and feel as natural as a photo shoot can be. Feeling comfortable with your photographer can make a world's difference with how your images turn out. A shoot always starts with the photographer, and them creating a space where you feel at ease, and have fun.


Photography: Danirae Dunn

Hair: Beauty By Britney

Makeup: Brittney Bee

Venue: Temecula Olive Oil Company Ranch

Dress: Nordstrom


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